What are chakra’s I hear you say? Well the world is a ball of energy and as the world is so are we. Chakra basically means wheel and as the world spins so do we. Think of a clock working, we are built up of 7 chakras and if one is spinning too fast for whatever reason it knocks the rest of them out meaning one maybe going too slow. If you are a well-balanced healthy person then they are all spinning correctly and exactly the right amount of energy is flowing around your body. If one is spinning too fast then inevitably you and your health will suffer. Your chakras start from the base of your spine right to the top of your head. Below are the 7 chakras and what they mean:



root1 – Root chakra – base of the spine The Root chakra is connected with grounding and survival, it is linked to your feet, legs, bones, large intestine and adrenal glands. If it is open and spinning freely you will feel connected, grounded and at one with yourself and the world. If it is not you may feel fear, defensive, paranoid and unwelcome.






sacral chakra2 – Sacral chakra – just below the naval The Sacral chakra is connected with your feelings and sexuality. It is linked to your reproductive organs, lower abdomen, kidneys, bladder and circulatory system. If it is spinning freely you can be passionate, aware of your feelings and easily express them. If it is not you may have trouble expressing your feelings, not be open to people and show compulsive or indeed obsessive behaviour.





solar plexus3 – Solar plexus chakra – Stomach The solar plexus chakra is connected asserting yourself within a group and is linked with your muscles, pancreas and digestive system. If it is spinning freely you will have feelings of laughter, great ambition, feel in control and lots of self-esteem. When it is not you will feel timid, not in control and lack of direction.





heart chakra4 – Heart chakra – centre of the chest The heart chakra is connected with love, kindness and affection and is linked with your heart, lungs, arms and hands. If it is spinning freely you will be compassionate, friendly, be affectionate and work towards harmonious relationships. If it is not you maybe cold, distant and have a lack of compassion.






throat chakra5 – Throat chakra – base of the throat The Throat chakra is connected with self expression and talking and is linked to your neck, arms, hands, shoulders and thyroid glands. If it is spinning freely you have no issues with expressing yourself and being open to new ideas. If it is not you maybe quiet, shy and have issues with communicating your needs to others.





3rd eye

6 – Third Eye chakra – forehead, just above the area of the eyes The Third Eye chakra is spiritual and connected with inner vision, your intuition and wisdom. If it is spinning freely you will have a good intuition and may tend to fantasize. You will be free thinking and have good visualization of things. If it is not you may have a lack of foresight, confuse easily and even depression.





crown chakra djf7 – Crown chakra – top of the head The Crown chakra is connected with the central nervous system and the cerebral cortex. If it is spinning freely you will have understanding, acceptance and be at one with the world. It is said to be the chakra of divine purpose and personal destiny. If not you are not very aware of spirituality and ignore your body’s signs of need.