TRANCEFirst of all we will look at what a trance is. It is a state of heightened awareness or consciousness that is not the norm for your waking consciousness. This can occur either involuntarily or voluntary and it can be associated with meditation, hypnosis and prayer. Getting yourself into a trance can be a good way to reduce the stresses and strains of modern life; it can relieve pressure and gain clarity for you. It will allow you to go to a world where you can gain control and inner peace.

How do I know if I am in a trance? These signs can be different for everyone and not everything will happen to you.

Your mind – it may quieten, not hearing the usual “voices/noises” in your head

Focusing – you can focus on what is important and what is important to you.

Intuitive – you know what needs to be done when it needs to be done and may even gain clarity on a situation you have been pondering over.

Time – how long were you in the trance, you may lose track of time and it goes really fast or may even go really fast.

Relaxed and refreshed – it helps to be relaxed to get yourself into a trance however you will feel connected to yourself and peaceful.

Changes in your body – you may experience a floating sensation like being in water, heaviness or indeed lightness, tingling or numbness.