Who is Dean James Fox?

me_mum_dad.236135913_stdI have been communicating with spirits from a very young age, with memories and stories going back to when I was very young. My mum and dad always found it strange when I was a child that I knew so much about places and people they knew in their past and that I could even tell my mum where she lived as a child.

I have my Grandad James’s spirit with me at all times and he helps me with all parts of my life and mediumship. I feel very lucky to be able to communicate with passed loved ones and never stop being surprised by the spirit world.

Growing up

Being the youngest of 7 children (3 brothers, 3 sisters) growing up in small town called Brighouse in West Yorkshire UK. The small 3 bedroom house we lived in was always full of noise. But I always noticed that when everyone was in bed I could still hear people talking, it wasn’t until my sister came running down the stairs screaming saying she had just seen a man in striped pj’s stood on the stairs, who she said was a ghost, that made me realise I was different, as I had always seen this man and always said good night to him as I passed.
At the age of around 8 we moved just down the road to a bigger 5 bedroom house, I still didn’t get my own bedroom. But the spirits didn’t stay at the old house; I remember always having 2 spirits with me growing up, one male and one female. As I saw them all the time I called them my protectors.
As the years went by I didn’t realise I was communicating with spirits every day, seeing them, hearing them and sensing them every where I went. As this was normal to me, I had worked out that if I told them to go away they did and if they didn’t I would just cover the back of my neck and this would stop them from talking to me. Resulting in me wearing a lot of scarves.

Grandad James

granddad jamesGrowing up I always felt I knew my Grandad James, but my Mum’s dad had passed without me meeting him. So how did I know so much about him, even telling my mum where she had grown up and even how her garden was laid out?
For years as my Dad would drive the family around Halifax I would tell my Mum stories about her and her family. I always put it down to a member of the family must have told me, but Mum would always ask how I knew that… “I don’t know Mum I just do.” I would tell her.
Then other members of my mum’s family would tell me how much I was like my Grandad James and I would joke and say “maybe I am him?”
It wasn’t until I was 29 years old at a friend’s party that I worked out why I was so much like him. I got talking to a lady who happened to be a teacher of spirit work. Without me giving anything away she told me about my grandad and the reason I was so much like him – the reason was because he was around at all times. From that moment on I saw my Grandad all the time and he now helps me with both my everyday life and spirit work. I am really pleased to have him with me every day as I get to tell him I love him without knowing him.

The Scarf!!

As I work in the world of spirit almost constantly, the spirit world must think my light is on all the time and they want to talk to me. But I’m a strong believer that I’m not just here to work with spirit; I am here to live my life to the fullest too. So from a young age I worked out that I communicated with spirit at the back of my neck. By wearing a scarf, no matter how small, it helps stop some/most communication. The best way I can tell you how it works is that it is just like the little signs you see in shop windows open (no scarf) closed (scarf).

My Fathers Ring

I have used my scarfs as a closed sign for many years but after my father passed to the spirit world I
started wearing his ring, Little did I know at the time that this ring would become my new scarf, One day during a reading I removed my ring and then after the reading I replaced it, as i put the ring back on my finger, I heard my fathers voice in my head saying ” your closed now” It took me about a week to understand dads few words. I still have to wear my scarfs but not as often as I used to, My fathers ring was a gift to me But the real gift is knowing my father is by mine and my families side watching over us,

I have been given lots of opportunities to work with spirit in many different ways from one to one readings to large group demonstrations and know that spirit have a lot more for me to come.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me both in this world and the spirit world, with a special thank you to my Mum and Dad who have always had trust and belief in me.